Why a Rock Wall Can Be A Great Addition For Your Garden Space?

Rock walls can be used for a multitude of different things. They can act as a fence to separate your home from your neighbors home. Or they can act as a retaining wall in order to give your garden a little more character. There are a few things you need to consider before you hire a masonry contractor to come and build your new rock wall for your garden space.

Type of Rock

There are many different types of rocks you can use for a project like this. Typically the most expensive rocks for masonries to craft with are going to be the smaller ones because of the higher level of detail that is necessary. It might be helpful to find out what type of rock is popular in your current living area as they may be easier and cheaper for your masonry contractor to construct. A good example is lava rocks that are used frequently in all of the Hawaiian islands to create a multitude of rock structures.

Finding the Right Contractor

There are many different places you can find a masonry contractor, but regardless of where you find them we highly suggest asking them for pictures of their prior projects. We might even go as far as asking them to speak with prior clients on how satisfied they were with the masonry contractor’s work. Rock structures are not cheap even though there are cheaper options so it is best to be safe and not sorry.

Figure Out What Compliments Your Garden

If your garden is already designed a certain way it might help to consider what will complement your pre-existing design. If you need any help it might also help to consult with a landscape designer being that they are professionals at making backyards look beautiful.


Rock structures are a great addition to any garden or backyard area, but please do exercise caution when hiring any contractor. If you are ever in Oahu, Hawaii, and need a masonry contractor call Rock Wall Builders Oahu for the best service on the entire island!


Installing a Waterfall For Your Garden Area?

The Beauty Of Waterfall In Your Garden

Having a garden is one of those desired things in a home. This is not just because it beautifies the home, but also because it raises the home’s value. This is why so much attention and resources are paid to getting the right garden area.

Since there is no end to creativity and how beautiful a thing can be, humans constantly think of adding different things to enhance the beauty of what they have. This is so for garden areas also. You may already have a beautiful garden, but now you are thinking about adding a waterfall to enhance beauty. 

However, what you are not sure of is whether this decision will be the right one. Or whether you should even consider it in the first place. If that’s the case for you, you don’t have to worry again. This post brings to fore why installing a waterfall for your garden area will be a good decision.

Why Installing A Waterfall For Your Garden Area Will Be A Good Decision

You have a relaxed ambiance for your garden area: There will be nothing as relaxing to the soul as a waterfall with the sound of dripping water in your garden area. This has a way of calming your soul and relieving you of stress. To make it more beautiful, you can give it an oasis look by adding some fish and plants.

You can keep out unwanted noise: If you live in a crowded environment, you may often face noise problems now and then. The noise coming from moving cars on the nearby road or from a neighbor’s party may be depressing, especially when you try to rest. 

However, with a waterfall, you can suppress this noise. It is easy for the powerful and continuous fall of water to reduce the noise and give you a calm environment.

You Get An Attractive Décor: This should be clear to you. Merely adding a waterfall to your garden area will bring out the beauty and ambiance in your garden. What’s more, the value of your home will be increased, and it will become more attractive. This is a great plus for you, especially if you are considering selling your home soon. 

You get beautiful wildlife in no time: One thing about water and waterfall is that they attract beautiful wildlife in no time. If you install a waterfall in your garden area, you would naturally see birds, bees, butterflies, and greenies around the area. This site is beautiful, especially if you appreciate the details of nature. This will also draw you closer to experience the beauties of nature in its elements.


From all angles, having a waterfall in your garden is beautiful. The ambiance and beauty it offers to your garden are one of a kind. If you desire to give your garden area a better natural setting, then a waterfall is a great choice.


Hiring a Landscape Designer for Your Garden

Hiring The Right Landscape Designer

If you think about it, companies have a separate HR department for hiring people because of the difficulties associated with getting the right person for the job. Hiring someone to do a job is like an extreme sport. You have to devote everything you have to ensure that you are hiring the right person for the job. 

This difficulty is not only associated with a corporate job. Even as you are thinking of hiring a landscape designer for your garden, the difficulties apply. But then, you can make it easy for you by getting to know the things you should look out for. 

To make hiring a landscape designer for your garden easy, this post will tell you everything you need to know.

Things To Do Before Hiring A Landscape Designer For Your Garden

There are some steps you have to take before you can hire a good landscape designer. These steps have been broken down into two for easy understanding.

Step One: Calculate An Estimate Expense: Before you even set out to hire, you should already know how much you are willing to spend to design your garden. This will guide your discussion with your potential landscape designer.

Step two: Evaluate Your Garden Landscape: If you plan to design your garden, you should know what you want to be included and removed. Most importantly, you should know what you expect from the final design. You can draw a list for each of these. When doing this, ensure to let your estimated expenses guide you. Don’t evaluate a design of $2000 when what you are willing to spend is $1000

Things To Do When Hiring A Landscape Designer For Your Garden

Ask People For Recommendations: One thing about asking people close to you for recommendations is that you will often get recommendations that can be trusted. Ask as many people as you can find. This will allow you to keep your options open. You can also check the  Association for Professional Landscape Designer‘s website for the list of registered professional landscape designers.

Shortlist For Interview: Now, you have many options open, but you can’t interview everyone. So, what to do is to shortlist about three of four and schedule an interview with them.

Interviewing A Landscape Designer For Your Garden

Interviewing is the last thing that precedes hiring, so you have to do it well to get the best landscape designer. There are some things to discuss with a designer before hiring. These things include;

  • The intended design. A good landscape designer should be able to adjust deficiencies in your design if there are any. But watch out for those who want to ridicule your design so they can impose theirs on you. 
  • Discuss cost. Ensure you evaluate everything. Be as detailed as possible, so there are no unclear or hidden charges.
  • Ask to see their license and project portfolio. You can also ask about their experience.


If you follow all the things above, hiring a landscape designer should be easy for you. Remember you want the best for your garden, so always watch out for the best landscape designer.